matthew ephraim


Relevant Skills

C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby
Web Development
ASP.NET, CSS, Ruby on Rails, HTML5
Information Architecture
Card sorting, Taxonomy development, Usability testing

Work experience

Front End Developer

At Adobe I work as a UI engineer. I build tools that give users access to the fonts that Adobe makes available through Typekit and Adobe Creative Cloud.


At Google I worked as a front end developer. I worked mainly on YouTube, one of the most popular sites in the world. I developed front end features for the site using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Python.


At Metromix I worked as a front and back end developer. Metromix is an entertainment and restaurant guide available in over 60 cities. The site was built using Ruby on Rails and handled around 50 million hits every month. I helped maintain the existing Metromix codebase and developed new features for the site using Ruby, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS.

Webitects Inc

At Webitects I developed web applications, mainly using ASP.NET and C#. Many of the sites I worked on were developed using a custom built content management system, written in ASP.NET and C#, which I helped to build and maintain. I also built sites that utilized JavaScript to improve the user experience and to tie into APIs like the ones provided by Google and Flickr. Additionally, I used Ruby to write scripts for performing various maintenance tasks.

Obama for America
November 2007–November 2008

From November 2007 until the election on November 4th 2008, I worked with the New Media department at the Obama for America campaign headquarters in Chicago. During my time there, I developed PHP code for the back end of the campaign website and XHTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front end of the site.

Visicswire LLC
June 2007–September 2007

At Visicswire I assisted in the development of a student portfolio management system for Columbia College. The system was built using the CakePHP framework and utilized a custom built template language that allowed the designers at Columbia to design custom templates that could be used to display student portfolio content in a variety of ways.

Adjunct Faculty
Columbia College

In the Spring of 2009, I taught Emergent Web Technologies to undergraduate students. The course covered JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, and other topics.

In 2009 and 2010, I taught Introduction to JavaScript. The course covered the JavaScript language for students who were new to JavaScript. Many students were also new to programming.

Data Manager
CompleWare Corporation

While working at CompleWare Corporation I monitored the quality of incoming data from clinical test sites. I also developed web based quality monitoring tools using ASP.NET and SQL Server. Additionally, I developed several web based intranet applications for internal users at CompleWare.


Illinois Institute of Technology
Master of Science in Information Architecture
University of Iowa
Bachelors of Arts in Management Information Systems
Iowa State University
Major in Computer Science