matthew ephraim

My Naive Apple Tablet Predictions

Being somewhat of an Apple fanboy, I thought it might be fun come up with a list of Apple announcement predictions before the official tablet(?) announcement later today.

I haven’t been following any of the rumor sites lately, so my predictions come from complete ignorance. Nevertheless, what follows are my completely baseless guesses and crazy dreams about what Steve Jobs will introduce today.

Naive Apple Tablet Predictions

  • Apple will introduce not just a tablet computer or also-ran ebook reader, but a completely new class of device, or rather, line of devices. Steve Jobs will give a rundown of past innovations like the printing press, the personal computer, the Internet and finally the new Apple device. He will be dismissive of the terms “tablet” and “ebook reader” because of their limited scope and demonstrate how the Apple device goes forward into uncharted territory.
  • The device will be thinner than any ebook reader or tablet currently on the market. It will be made of metal, probably aluminum and will feel very solid. It will also have a full color touch screen that covers almost the entire front side of the device, with practically no frame around the edges. It won’t look like a larger version of the iPhone. It will be much more visually stunning and innovative.
  • The new line of devices won’t follow the “i” naming convention. So, no iTab or iSlab or anything along those lines. Rather, the new devices will have names like “Slate” and “Slate Pro”, with a small model targeted at consumers and a bigger model targeted at pro users. The iPhone will also be updated to support some of the features that the new devices offer.
  • It doesn’t seem likely that the new device will use e-paper, as it will probably still need to function somewhat like a traditional computer. However, I could see the new device featuring a technology like OLED, which would allow for a high contrast screen that is also low power.
  • The touch screen on the device will be amazing. The responsiveness, multi touch and included software will raise the bar for touch screens and tablets to the next level, similar to what the iPhone did for smartphones.
  • The device will use solid state for storage and will have an impressive amount of storage space for a device so thin.
  • Battery life will be amazing. Something like 10 to 15 hours on a charge and even longer when in a lower power mode.
  • Apple will announce a list of partnerships with magazines like Time and newspapers like the New York Times for a new type of subscription that allows users to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine through the device and receive the latest copy wirelessly. The Media Store (maybe?) version of a magazine like Time will look nearly identical to the print version, but will also contain interactive ads, supplemental videos and links to related content online. Subscription fees will be in the area of $10 for most media offered.
  • The new Media Store will also offer enhanced versions of books. The books will function similar to the way they do on most e-readers, but the Apple device will offer a new level of interactivity with the books. It will likely also include video and links to online content within books, just like the the other types of media.
  • Finally, Apple will overhaul iTunes. The name “iTunes” is no longer relevant and hasn’t been for a long time. The existing iTunes software will be reworked into a new application that manages the different types of content that can be downloaded to the Apple device as well as the content on regular Apple computers and iPhones.

These are my pipe dreams. In reality, I expect something a lot closer to a big fat iPhone